Fast, fun, omniscient debugging.
Record failures anywhere: locally, QA, CI, or in production
Rapidly debug recordings using the revolutionary Pernosco omniscient debugger
Share your recordings and debugging state with other developers

What people are saying about Pernosco:

A typical bug is quashed about 5 times faster.
Despite not being comfortable debugging native code with an interactive debugger, Pernosco made me feel confident and gave me super powers.
I literally (as in 30 minutes ago) just fixed a bug in 10 minutes that I thought was going to take me 3 days to fix... This is a factor of speedup on the order of 100x+, not 10x.
It’s so fantastic... Pernosco traces are just faster to solve; the power of instant jumps through time, data flow analysis, and the notebook are all incredible.
The combination of Grizzly and Pernosco have had the added benefit of making infrequent, hard to reproduce issues, actionable.
@_pernosco_ is fantastic. Its dataflow analysis (how a value ended up in the location it did) made debugging a GC bug a lot less painful.
If you like the rr debugger, you'll *love* pernosco!

Hear from Pernosco customers: HACON

Check out Pernosco on some examples: Node race condition walkthrough, gdb use-after-free walkthrough, libbcc, Firefox, Chromium JS

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Pernosco is now available to individual developers with a Github account. Every Github user gets 5 free submissions. See our pricing page for additional details.

Pernosco is available to debug Github Actions test failures — free for approved open source projects.

Pernoso is also available for hosted and on-premises deployment for teams and organizations. Contact us for a free trial and pricing. We can adapt to your technology, pricing and business needs.

Pernosco currently targets C, C++, Ada, Rust and V8 JS (e.g. node.js) applications that run on x86-64 Linux and work with rr.