1. Overview
  2. Debugging workflow
  3. Debugging workflow: CI
  4. Basic interface
  5. Call stacks
  6. Explaining dataflow
  7. Multiprocess
  8. Search box
  9. Source files
  10. Condition and print expressions
  11. Toolbox
  12. Alerts
  13. Application logs
  14. Callees
  15. View operators
  16. Notebook
  17. Instruction execution
  18. Javascript
  19. Browser UI integration
  20. Screenshots
  21. Additional views
  22. GDB
  23. System debug info
  24. Compiler issues
  25. The Pernosco vision
  26. Related work


Discoverability is a big challenge for Pernosco and debuggers in general. Traditional command-line debuggers have very low discoverability; Pernosco's developers have used gdb for many years and still sometimes find useful commands they never knew about! The search box provides some discoverability, but we need more. To help address this, Pernosco provides the "toolbox": a single button that pops up a list of all supported views. Alongside their names, it renders miniature results for every single view. These previews help users understand what each view will do.

Omniscient debugging is essential for showing thumbnails of all views immediately every time the toolbox button is pressed. This is an example of how the ability to show results very quickly enables new kinds of interactions.

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