Fast, fun, omniscient debugging.
Record failures anywhere: locally, QA, CI, or in production
Rapidly debug recordings using the revolutionary Pernosco omniscient debugger
Share your recordings and debugging state with other developers

Try out Pernosco on some examples: libbcc, Firefox, Chromium JS, Node race condition walkthrough, gdb use-after-free walkthrough

Pernosco is now available to individual developers with a Github account. Every Github user gets 5 free submissions. See our pricing page for additional details.

Pernosco is available to debug Github Actions test failures — free for approved open source projects.

Pernoso is also available for hosted and on-premises deployment for teams and organizations. Contact us for a free trial and pricing. We can adapt to your technology, pricing and business needs.

Pernosco currently targets C, C++, Ada, Rust and V8 JS (e.g. node.js) applications that run on x86 Linux and work with rr.