Privacy Statement

Effective October 3, 2019

To use Pernosco, you must consent to collection, transfer, storage and use of your data as described below. If you withdraw your consent, you must stop using Pernosco and notify us at

EU, EEA and Swiss users can find additional information here.

Pernosco Debugger Service

You must use a Github user ID to log into Pernosco. We store this user ID and your IP address in logs of all your interactions with Pernosco, so we can understand user behavior and improve Pernosco. We also collect and store the email address(es) you have publicly attached to your Github user ID, and may use them to send you notifications.

Data you enter into the Pernosco debugger (e.g. notebook entries) is associated with your Github user ID. Other Pernosco users can see the Github IDs of the authors of such data.

Pernosco Submissions

When you submit program recordings via pernosco-submit or by other means, we store and process all submitted data to give you an awesome debugging experience. This includes the contents of trace directories created by rr, and the contents of files uploaded by pernosco-submit (in the source directories whitelisted in the pernosco-submit command). This data includes the email address you provide as the user ID for the submission.

Feedback Forms And Other Contact

Pernosco feedback forms are prefilled with your email address. We collect and store form data, including your email address so we can analyze feedback per user and contact you if necessary. Other communications between you and Pernosco, such as email to staff, are stored with your email address.

Web Site

We collect and store IP addresses of users accessing the Web site.

Data Location

Pernosco stores data in the United States of America. You must consent to transferring your data to the USA and us storing it there.


We may share your data with you or the organization that is paying for you to use Pernosco. We do not share data with any other third parties. Data that you submit to us via pernosco-submit or enter into the debugger (e.g. notebook entries) may be visible to anyone with whom you share the Pernosco session URL we sent you (i.e.