Pernosco FAQ

  1. How can I buy Pernosco and how much does it cost?
    Pernosco is available in a hosted version for individual users with pricing options listed here. If you are interested in a site license for your team or organization, running Pernosco on-premises, or integrating the Pernosco service with workflows such as CI, email for a free trial. We will customize our offering to fit your business and technological needs.

  2. What platforms and languages does Pernosco support?
    Currently we support x86-64 Linux, and statically compiled languages producing DWARF debugging information including C, C++, Ada and Rust. Additionally, some support is available for JavaScript running on certain version of the V8 engine. We plan to extend our language support over time; if you are very interested in Pernosco but have other language needs, get in touch.

  3. What is the relationship between Pernosco and rr?
    rr is a free software project founded by Mozilla. rr is an enabling technology for Pernosco, and rr maintainers founded Pernosco. We aim to maintain rr as free software with at least its current level of functionality. Your program must be capable of running under rr to use Pernosco.

  4. Will Pernosco be open-source?
    Pernosco is a commercial product. We do not plan to open-source Pernosco unless and until we discover a viable business model compatible with that.

  5. Where can I read your privacy policy?
    The privacy policy for our hosted service is available here.

  6. Where can I stay in touch with Pernosco?
    You can ask us questions via email or chat at, and follow @pernosco on Twitter or subscribe to the Pernosco announcements mailing list for updates.