The Value Of Pernosco

The Pernosco omniscient debugger creates value by solving common problems in software development:

Increase debugging productivity

Debugging is often tedious and a chore. Pernosco's advanced features make debugging fast and fun, letting you get back to building your software.

I literally (as in 30 minutes ago) just fixed a bug in 10 minutes that I thought was going to take me 3 days to fix... This is a factor of speedup on the order of 100x+, not 10x.

You can see a more exhaustive rundown of Pernosco's feature set here.

Fix difficult-to-reproduce bugs

Important issues can be blocked for days or even longer because engineering can't reproduce the problem. Few engineers are volunteering to tackle that bug that only shows up in one in a thousand test runs. With Pernosco, capture the bug just once and you can get to the bottom of the issue without reproducing it again.

The combination of [an automated fuzzing tool] and Pernosco have had the added benefit of making infrequent, hard to reproduce issues, actionable.

Fix CI test failures

Whether a failure on your CI system indicates a real regression or a flakey test, Pernosco gives you tools to deal with them.